*Para Noir* – „Wicked Freedom“

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music and vocals: *Para Noir*
film and cut: Rue23

This is the first part of a work about how to accept and to get known your body when a chronic infection is trying
to let you die.
By creating surreal situations where the naked body is always the main theme in each scene, the idea is to let grow two strangers together to one part and to lure the one who is watching the films into a world of colorful dreams
and on the other side to let melt the one who is the actor in each movie to the one who is the root for everything in his life.
If he colors the world he is in, all things around him will start to live and even dead things will get a life.
„Wicked Freedom“ is about to keep your sensibility and to look always what could behind the life you have to cross
in now.

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