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mmmp23 - header

„mulitimediamanipulationsproductions“ on Vimeo,
feel free to click the graphic to watch the channel in a new tab.

„mmmp23“ stands for mulitimediamanipulationsproductions.
The 23 is just a game with numbers like the name of the author.
This channel includes some political artwork to inform
and to let people think outside the mass media like TV or Daily Newspapers.
The idea is to use art as an international language to let people enter a story
without having an understanding of any language.
Because art is an international language and a very special keyhole or backdoor to our minds.
Most of the artwor you`ll find in here tries to tell the story over the atmosphere like music,
images and in the end the whole mixture of it.

Below you can have a look to one of the clips
you will find on vimeo at *mmmp23*…

Manipulation – „Schlachtzug gegen die Wahrheit“ from Rue de Guerre / *Para Noir* on Vimeo.

Maybe you`ll might find an alternative Tv in there ?!?
In the end i`ll hope you will enjoy what you find !
Have fun and free up your mind !


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