Why does AIDS have to define you?

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Die Naivitaet der europaeischen Laender und andere Gedanken…
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I’m currently writing an assignment on HIV/AIDs and stigma. It’s crazy how millions of people are defined by what they suffer from rather than who they are as a person. Like it’s not bad enough actually having the disease so let’s make their lives even more hellish by treating them like they aren’t even human. I mean back in the 80s it must have been pretty scary, suddenly propaganda everywhere is telling you stay away from the contagious disease, fear people who have it and if I were someone of that era then yeah I probably would fear it too. Yet with all the advancement in medication, social media, internet, ways of life its almost unbelievable people with AIDS are still being stigmatised. Okay so life in developing countries isn’t what it is here, but is it really possible that so many people in governmental positions in these countries are…

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