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~Space Music For Spaced Out People~

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„Space Music For Spaced Out People“ – Chuck Spencer & Rue23

Tracklist till now:

– All Fine Until (Dark Ambient)
– Reality Slip`s Again (Piano Reality)
– Space Music For Spaced Out Minds (Dark Minimal Noise)
– From There You Come (Keys`n Noise)

This is a 10 Track Album till now !

„Wenn der Himmel brennt“

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„Sonnenuntergang bei Frankfuert am Main“ – 2007
Fotografie: rue23

„Reality Slip`s Again“

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„Reality Slip`s Again“ by Chuck Spencer & Rue23

2 Pianos, some silent noise, lost beats and some kind of dark ambience…
Our new Song is online now and it might surprise you.
Far away from the known noises we normally do we created a piece
to descend you into a slippery reality.

Feel free to listen and leave it or love it !

„Soundtrack Ov A Stranger“

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Rue23 – „Soundtrack Ov A Stranger“
Cellos: rue23
Timpanis: rue23

„Klinker in Silber“

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"Klinker In Silber" Fotografie: rue23 Berlin 2009

„Klinker In Silber“
Fotografie: rue23
Berlin 2009